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Welcome to the luxurious world of merino wool! Merino refers to a breed of sheep that are raised in Australia
and New Zealand for their wool fiber. Merino sheep re-grow their wool year after year and any wool that ends
up in the environment decomposes quickly, releasing valuable nutrients that act as a natural soil fertilizer. The
sheep graze in the open grasslands of these two countries’ beautiful and unique topography in an optimal
climatic environment. This combined with decades of selective cross breeding results in a fiber that is
remarkably fine in texture making merino wool soft, lightweight and comfortable. The unique structure of the
fiber makes wool breathable and capable of regulating temperature and moisture, properties that are believed
to contribute to the wool’s health benefits. Prized for its natural, renewable and health beneficial qualities as
well as its timeless traditional beauty and luxury, merino wool is a fabric like no other.

In response to the growing awareness and promotion of merino wool as a natural, safe and luxurious fiber,
Merino Blankets was established to bring to the American market 100% merino wool blankets at an affordable
price. Our blankets are made in Poland from 100% Australian and New Zealand merino wool by a family
owned manufacturer, Magatex. The wool fiber is Woolmark certified. They have been producing high quality
wool blankets since 1980 with a focus on durability and minimal processing of the natural wool fibers. They
use no chemicals or bleaching in the final processing of their wool blankets. This combined with creative,
classical designs and affordability has secured them as an international producer of fine wool products
distributed worldwide. The uniqueness of their blankets lies in the traditional craftsmanship and attention to
detail that imbues an air of endless style and elegance. To learn more about the manufacturer please visit

In our Products catalog you will find blankets in two different sizes. The blankets may be used in bedding or
simply as a luxurious throw/blanket to wrap yourself in while reading, relaxing on the sofa or watching
television. You will immediately notice the lack of clamminess and sweat that is produced when wrapped
around in these blankets. They are naturally breathable and work with your body in reducing moisture and
regulating body temperature. As a result they be used year round, keeping you warm during winter and cool
in summer.
The blankets are available in either plain ecru/ivory color or in various creative, elegant designs. They are lush
to the touch yet remarkably lightweight and soft to the skin. The all come at an impressive wool weight of

Our overblankets, are reversible double-layered blankets and are conventionally used as a duvet or comforter
but are just as suitable to be used as a blanket for extra warmth and luxury. As a result, they are thicker and
slightly heavier than the regular blankets because more wool is used to make them, weighting an impressive

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and learning about this wonderful fiber as a superior choice for all
your bedding needs. Should you have any questions or inquiries please contact us by filling out the contact
us form. You can also reach us at We reply to all mail within 2 business days.
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